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Create The Life You Desire

We all get busy. Clutter and disorganization can contribute to stress and anxiety. Whether in a home or professional setting, it can cost you money and stifle productivity.


I can help! I offer judgment-free expertise to create a light, enjoyable space that functions well for you. A place for you to flourish!

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My Services

Professional Organizer

I carefully edit closets, kitchens, craft rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms and playrooms without judgement or criticism. I restore order, one space at a time.

Productivity Coach

Too busy? Finding it difficult to get things done? We'll take a deep-dive into your daily routines to craft your perfect day. I'll help you with time management, scheduling, healthy habits, and more to meet your goals.

Moving/ Life Transitions

I will work with you to edit and declutter prior to a move or remodel. And, once you are moved in, I will get all of your valuables safely unpacked and edited in your new home or office. We will establish pleasing systems to make your space work for you!

Introducing, Peace of Mind.

Nowadays, everything in our lives is a rush. Our jobs, our activities and even occasionally, our vacations. The clutter increases and so do our stress levels. We keep thinking that we will manage it... tomorrow. That is where I come in! As a mother of two, I get it! I have had my share of clutter, stress and frustration. But, I found joy in organizing the mess. Now, I want you to find joy in your own  light and peace-filled space. I want to take the burden off of your shoulders and simplify your life.

People, Just Like You, Love Us!

I am not a neatnik, but I certainly like an organized house. And I understand the concept of a place for everything, and everything in its place. The problem was I didn’t have “that place.“ One of my first challenges for Kelley was my master closet; I hired her to help me create a place for everything, which seemed impossible to me! And the reason I know she’s great at what she does is three months later, everything was still in its place. Kelley’s organizational system is logical and easy to maintain. I now have a place for everything!

- Catherine

I am thrilled with how our closet turned out! Kelley asked a lot of questions to truly understand what issues we were having with storage and organization. She was very knowledgeable in how to resolve the problems and used her impeccable design aesthetic to not only make our closet functional but made it a beautiful space that we wanted to spend time in.

- Tifani

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